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Empowerment Coaching Class for kids & teens

Think back to when you were a child, no matter how attentive your parents were or how great your home life was. You still internalized some comments and actions made by others. In so many different ways you were shaped by how others made you feel. And there was nothing your parents could do to save you from it. As you grew older those insecurities were displayed in the relationship you cultivated, the interactions you engaged in and the way you viewed yourself.

When u think about it, We spend so much time developing our children athletic & academic abilities or advocating for good physical health that we forget to invest in their emotional well-being. Empowerment Coaching classes teach children to be in control of their own feelings and emotions so that they communicate with less anger, frustration or anxiety. FYI, just because your child is not yelling screaming and throwing things, does not mean they have not internalize anger. Nurturing your child’s emotional well being empowers them to be independent, confidence, empathetic and more.

So answer this question, if you could, would you prepare your younger self to be emotionally intelligent? If your answer is yes, then; there’s a spot waiting for your child in the next empowerment Coaching class. Classes are enrolling now in Los Angeles and begin the week of January 20, 2018 Prepare your child to be emotionally empowered to embrace life.

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