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3 ways to get back on track after a mistake. Step into your Motherhood!

Learning to be an awesome mother is just like learning anything else. Think about what it takes to learn to ride a bike or for a child to learn to walk. It takes falling and getting back up until you get it, right.

It is something that occurs during falling & failing that magic happens & getting up and trying again become a part of the process instead of a dreaded obstacle.

So YES, mothers; we will not always get it right! But we can always try until we do. I remembered the first Thanksgiving when I cooked a Turkey for my family. I was so proud of completing the Turkey; it was moist and well seasoned and really good. I didn't realized that there was a bag inside that had to be taken out until we saw it. At that point the Turkey was 1/2 gone but at that point it was too late to do anything about the bag left inside. So what did I do; I got over it and made a mental note to take the bag out of the future turkey.

#1 Forgive yourself and your mistakes

Being hard on yourself doesn't work; it just makes your life harder. Be kind to yourself and have a sense of humor about your mistakes. Take time to understand that you are awesome and everything in life is a learning experience.

#2 Join a Supportive Community for Moms

You are not the only mother who has made mistakes. Talk to your friends, family or mother community about your feelings. We always are critical of ourselves and often end up isolating from others. Know that you are awesome and it is okay. Listen to other mothers talk about their mistakes. Join mother communities online and in person. Find places that make a difference & matters to you.

#3 Ask for Help find Answers

If you really need help, ask someone, search the internet or talk to a professional. One thing I know is that mothers love to talk about motherhood and share with one another remedies and accomplishments. It is as simple as asking a question. Don't be afraid to ask people to explain by saying "I don’t get it, please explain more." Feel free to talk to your pediatrician or a professional about your needs.

At the end of day, every mother just wants to be awesome. Well, I am here to tell you, you already are! Understand that the perfect mother does not exist. So give up the idea that you have to be perfect. In fact, by trying to be perfect, you will drive everyone around you insane including your child. So live a little and love your awesome mistakes because they just made you an amazing mother!

Latoya Boston, CEO

Real Moms Live

Remember, Your Life is still in your hands!

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