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Are you looking for a safe and professional child visitation monitoring service in Los Angeles?

At Real Moms Live, we offer professional child visitation monitoring services to ensure that your child's safety and well-being are protected during visitation with a non-custodial parent or guardian.

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Child Visitation Monitor Service

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Child Visitation Monitor

Professional child visitation monitors  provide a stable and safe environment for visitations to occur.


Our goal is to assist the child in their time of transition by helping them rejoin their parents life.


It is important to us that this process is seamless and involves little stress and anxiety on behalf of the child(ren).


Please bring all court orders & restraining orders to intake appt.


Price depends on the stipulations stated in the court order.  High profile cases are subject to different rates


Holiday Rates Apply which equals to twice the hourly rate.  All  fees are non refundable.


Therapeutic Monitor

Supervised visitations afford the non-custodial parent(s) the opportunity to strengthen and/or restore the family bonds between a parent & child(ren) in a neutral setting.


With the use of therapeutic/ clinical techniques children are afforded the opportunity to establish a healthy relationship with the non-custodial parent by improving communication skills.


Please bring all court orders & restraining orders to intake appointment.




Holiday Rates Apply which equals to twice the hourly rate


Exchange Service

Exchange services are provided when supervision is necessary  to transfer the child from the custodial parent to the non custodial parent.


This service is limited to only the exchange and not the actual visit.


Therefore, the visit is unsupervised.


It is important that exchanges are happy, safe and efficient.  We do our best to ensure that the custodial and non custodial parents or other individual exchanging the child do not have any physical contact with each other; such that they are not within the same vicinity of one another.


Please note  the monitor is a neutral party and does not side with either parent, give advise or legal information.

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