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  Latoya Boston, LMFT  

Real Moms Live, Child and Family Counseling Inc., was founded in 2015 by Latoya Boston, a Licensed Child and Marriage and Family Therapist. As a mother of four, Latoya experienced the challenges of parenting and motherhood firsthand and wanted to create a space where mothers could have a voice and support in their journey. Feeling that her identity as a woman was sometimes overshadowed by her roles as a mother, professional and wife; Latoya wanted to empower mothers and families to communicate effectively, reduce anxiety, frustration, and anger, and ultimately create happier and healthier relationships.


Latoya's personal experience of adopting a child further fueled her passion for providing support to families facing unique challenges. With 24 years and counting of experience as a marriage and family therapist specializing in working with families, children, and adolescents, Latoya decided to establish Real Moms Live to ensure that all families have access to the support they need.


Based in Inglewood, California, Real Moms Live serves clients throughout the state of California, both in person and via virtual platforms. The team of therapists at Real Moms Live are diverse and provide a range of services, including individual counseling, family counseling, child and adolescent counseling, play therapy, child monitored supervised visitation services, as well as coaching and development services to both individuals and companies.


At Real Moms Live, the team of therapists is passionate about what they do and dedicated to making a lasting difference in the community. Latoya Boston, in addition to her role as a therapist, is also a public speaker and advocate for families. The mission of Real Moms Live is to empower and support families to thrive, teaching them essential skills to regulate emotions, explore different perspectives, and communicate powerfully.

"My vision is simple.  I want all family members to feel listened too and validated."

Empower Growth

 "I offer training & development and consulting services to companies and their staff; providing expertise in team building, mental health and wellness, trauma, crisis management, and resilience.


In addition, I also provide seminars and coaching to professionals and organizations."

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