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Family at a Beach

At Real Moms Live, we believe that "it's easier to build strong children than to fix broken men.” Frederick Douglass

We understand that behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believes first.  That's why we're here to provide the support and resources families need to build strong and resilient children.

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Real Moms Live


At Real Moms Live, Child and Family Counseling Inc., our mission is to create a nurturing space where mothers, children, and families can thrive. We are committed to providing compassionate and personalized counseling services, fostering emotional well-being, resilience, and healthy relationships. Real Moms Live is dedicated to supporting and empowering every family on their unique journey, promoting mental health, resilience, and harmonious connections that last a lifetime."


The purpose of Real Moms Live, Child and Family Counseling Inc., is to serve as a cornerstone for holistic well-being, offering a spectrum of counseling services dedicated to mothers, children, and families. Our purpose is to facilitate transformative experiences, fostering emotional resilience, strengthening family bonds, and empowering individuals to navigate life's challenges with confidence. Real Moms Live is driven by a commitment to creating a supportive, judgment-free environment where every member can access the guidance and tools needed for a thriving and harmonious family life.

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Empowerment Coaching Academy

Seminars & Classes


At Real Moms Live Child and Family Counseling Inc., Empowerment Coaching Academy, our mission is to cultivate a transformative learning environment for mothers and families. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive coaching services designed to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and emotional resilience needed to navigate the challenges of parenting and family life. Through personalized coaching, we aspire to instill confidence, foster self-discovery, and create a supportive community that nurtures the empowerment of mothers and families at every stage of their journey.


The purpose of Real Moms Live Charter, Family Counseling Inc., Group Empowerment Coaching Academy is to serve as a dynamic catalyst for positive transformation within families. Committed to providing comprehensive coaching services, our purpose is to empower mothers and families through a holistic approach. By fostering resilience, enhancing communication, and promoting personal growth, our academy seeks to create a supportive community that thrives on shared knowledge, empathy, and collective empowerment. Real Moms Live envisions a future where families flourish, armed with the tools and insights gained through our group empowerment coaching academy.

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Why fathers are valued..

At Real Moms Live, Child and Family Counseling Inc., we recognize the invaluable role fathers play in fostering the holistic well-being of families. Fathers bring unique perspectives, strengths, and support systems that contribute to a balanced and nurturing family environment. Our commitment extends to embracing and celebrating the diverse roles of fathers, as we believe that their involvement is integral to the overall success and happiness of every family we serve.

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