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Bright Living Room

Individual Counseling


Grief. Anger. Parenting. Anxiety. Depression. Conflict. Divorce. Gender Identity. Communication

Family at a Beach

Family Counseling

Relationship Building. Conflict. Divorce. Life Challenges. Communication. Adapting to new circumstances. Empty Nest & more.

Stressed Woman

Parenting &


Setting Limits. Relationship Building. Social Media. Gaming. Communication. Absent Parent. Esteem. Confidence. Adoption. Successfully parenting thru divorce or separation. Parenting Styles challenges & more.

Couples Counseling

Intimacy. Grief. Infidelity. Anger. Esteem.  Love & Relationship. Creating balance in relationships. Challenges with intimacy. Abandonment. Communication.

The Empowerment Coaching Academy

Social Skills & Anger Mgmt Classes

Small Group Seminar Classes provides an affordable option to learn a skill and develop strategies to improve social emotional functioning.

Classes are perfect for Adolescents, Parents & Children.  Options include: Building Healthy Relationships, Teen Anger Management. Parenting. Love & Relationship & more.


Round Wooden Tables

Dynamic. Innovative.

We are dedicated professionals committed to making a difference in your life and our community.

Meet the Team

Located in Inglewood California

We provided Services in Southern, Northern and Central California


Real Moms Live is an expression of  freedom, self-discovery and surrender while reclaiming feminine identity and a sense-of-self.

It takes courage to address concerns,  it also takes courage to invest in yourself & family.

Oftentimes people struggle in silence.  We secretly hide challenges in an attempt to avoid judgement and ridicule. Our story was formed after struggling to smile during a turbulent marriage, harboring feelings of failure as a parent & professional. 


Real Moms Live was born at what I call "my breaking point of adulthood."  I was 30 years old managing the roles of wife, mother, daughter & professional; I lost focus of my dreams, sexuality and desires. 


"Real Moms Live was created because I felt like my identity as a woman had disappeared. I had become overwhelmed by responding to the expectations of others while always trying to get it right."

Latoya Boston, Founder & CEO

Our Offices

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We have created an atmosphere that is relaxing, elegant and nurturing to help you focus and relieve stress .  

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