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An Uncommon Conversation

Are you ready to have an uncommon conversation about family. You know those amazing kids that you'll do anything for... You have to admit, you are their biggest fan, however, you maybe secretly blinded by every gift and talent they possess. What's your strategy, how do you make sure your child is whole, perfect and complete.

Usually, as parents we start to work on improving our child's natural abilities, by enrolling them in sports, acting, and more. Yet, we often over look emotional components and make excuses about why our children are the way they are. We start to accept their anger outburst, make excuses for their poor frustration tolerance and adjust to various questionable parts of their personality.

I want to remind you; you have a say in your child's future, you have an opportunity to be completely honest about the emotional level of functioning of your child, teenager, family.

All you have to do is, listen for that tone that is unsettling, be curiously engaged and acts. Do not tolerate questionable behaviors, do something about it.

A family that can enjoy and share peaceful moments is priceless. Remember, to set the tone & enjoy a peace of mind.

Real Moms Live!

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