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June 19, 2018

Are you ready to have an uncommon conversation about family. You know those amazing kids that you'll do anything for... You have to admit, you are their biggest fan, however, you maybe secretly blinded by every gift and talent they possess. What's your strategy, how do you make sure your child is whole, perfect and complete.

Usually, as parents we start to work on improving our child's natural abilities, by enrolling them in sports, acting, and more. Yet, we often over look emotional components and make excuses about why our children are the way they are. We start to accept their anger outburst, make excuses for their poor frustration tolerance and adjust to va...

January 15, 2018

Think back to when you were a child, no matter how attentive your parents were or how great your home life was.  You still internalized some comments and actions made by others.  In so many different ways you were shaped by how others made you feel.  And there was nothing your parents could do to save you from it.  As you grew older those insecurities were displayed in the relationship you cultivated, the interactions you engaged in and the way you viewed yourself. 

When u think about it, We spend so much time developing our children athletic & academic abilities or advocating for good physical health that we forget to invest in their emotio...



The old saying, “Kids will be kids,” is true.  In many instances we interact with our kids from a point of view we created from our own experiences as a kid.  These interactions often shape the way we interact and discipline our children.


For example, as a mom of 4, I have certain aspirations for my children.  Just like you, I want them to be well educated, to be healthy, to travel the world and attend college.  However, at one point in my life, my fears were a driving force when interacting with my kids.  Every time the teacher would call or they get in trouble somewhere, I felt like I had to yell or consequence them.  In reality I was reacting to...

October 30, 2014

A huge part of me would like to function purely by the old saying, "If it ain't working then fix it."  But it seems easier said than done.  The reality is, it not easy to fix a child's behavior, teenage drama, marital problems or relationships in general.  I'm not saying they cannot be repaired but the fix is not instant.  It is not like "poof" everything is perfect. 


Although I understand every relationship requires work, there are times when I'm over it.  With conflict there is a price that we all pay and the cost is often not worth it.  The cost of an argument or disagreement requires a person to pay with time,  energy, emotions, feeling...

October 24, 2014

The key to being amazing when you don’t feel like it is mind set.  We all are forced attend functions and meetings that we are not thrilled about attending.  There is an entire list that we can create to remind us of the countless plays, recitals, holiday concerts, PTA meetings and more that by default we attend to support our children.


#1 Have a conversation with our self prior to the event

Yes, I said it!  Don’t act like you have never talked yourself into to doing something that you did not want to.  Self talk helps you to make the choice to be present  and happy.  It helps you to become realize that you are amazing because you set your own feelin...

October 23, 2014

Learning to be an awesome mother is just like learning anything else.  Think about what it takes to learn to ride a bike or for a child to learn to walk.  It takes falling and getting back up until you get it, right.


 It is something that occurs during falling & failing that magic happens & getting up and trying again become a part of the process instead of a dreaded obstacle.


So YES, mothers; we will not always get it right!    But we can always try until we do.  I remembered the first Thanksgiving when I cooked a Turkey for my family.  I was so proud of completing the Turkey; it was moist and well seasoned and really good.  I didn't realized that th...

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3 ways to get back on track after a mistake. Step into your Motherhood!

October 23, 2014

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