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Be Empowered, Transformed & Unstoppable

YOUR Story
Retreat & Conference

The YOUR Story conference is about embracing your authentic self in relationships.  This conference is designed to cultivate an empowered journey of transformation, freedom and power.  


When you are all alone; do you ever feel incomplete?  Have you ever questioned your worthiness to be loved?  


If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5, how often do you pretend to be happy in a relationship that does not feel good or fulfill you?


Many times we go through relationships and marriages carrying baggage from our childhood and past experiences without ever resolving any of it.  By default, our current relationships become an accumulation of everything unresolved from the past. 


It is easy to become immersed in nurturing the people we love, but honestly;  who is taking care of you?  How do you heal yourself when your heart is hurt or hardened?

Our Commitment

Participating will empower you to heal yourself, relationships & challenges. 


You will become clear on your NEEDS vs. WANTS as it relates to relationships.


You will be unstoppable with a new found ability to embrace self discovery & self healing.

You will become someone who experiences peace, grace & freedom with ease.

Parallel Lines

It’s not just about His Story or Her Story;
It’s YOUR STORY that matters.

Allow yourself an opportunity to experience a shift in your relationships and become your authentic self. 

Register Today:  YOUR Story Conference 

Date: July 7, 8 & 9, 2023

Place: Navada City, California

Price Includes:

Meals, Activities, Entertainment and Conference Events

More Information to come

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