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Empowerment Coaching Academy 2023
Group  Schedule

Students on Staircase
Coaching and empowerment
Building Confidence &  Identity
Gender Neutral/ LGBT Support
(6-8th grade) w/Latoya
zoom Thurs. @ 5:30p 
(9-12th grade) w/Latoya
zoom Thurs. @ 6:30pm 
Building Healthy Relationships: Social Skills & Anger Management
Tuesday @ 6:30p Middle School
via ZOOM w/Latoya
Monday @ 6:30p High School
via ZOOM w/Latoya
Love & Relationship  
 (age 14-17) TBA

Classes Information


Classes begin

March 12 to  July 1, 2023


April 4- July 22, 2023


A 16 week commitment

is required

Classes meet weekly and are billed monthly@ $350

Siblings & Spouses within  the same household receive a 50% discount with 2 or more enrollments in classes


Classes are facilitated by

Extraordinary Mental Health Professionals

Kids Playing Tug of War


Building Healthy Relationships: Social Skills & Anger Management
Wednesday 4:30p (k-3rd)
In Person  w/Latoya
Wednesday 5:30p (3rd-5th)
in person w/Latoya
Building Confidence &  Identity
Gender Neutral Support Group
Thursday@ 4:30p (k-3rd)
In Person  w/Latoya
Friday @ 5p (3rd-5th)
in person w/Latoya
Emotional Mindfulness
via ZOOM Edith TBA
K- 4 grade
Friendly Meeting

Self Love & Relationships
" A Sunday Type of Love"
Sunday @ 10am
In Person  w/ Carolyn 
Parenting Teens with love, Compassion & Transparency
(12-18 yrs)
Sunday @ 12pm
In Person  w/ Carolyn 
"Who am I" in Marriage
Sunday @ 2pm
In Person  w/ Carolyn 
Begins: April 2, 2023
Embracing Marriage with Love & A Deeper Connection
Tuesday @ 6:30p 
ZOOM w/ Danielle
Begins: April 4, 2023
Personal empowerment coach
Personal empowerment coach
Coaching and empowerment
Courageously Free Seminar Series
This class teaches social emotional skills & Anger Management to young adults age 18-24 yrs. old






Self Discovery

"Finding yourself" & Embracing Divorce & breakups

Friday @ 6:30pm

In person w/ Latoya

Begins: April 7, 2023


Real Moms Live Community


We need your talents!

Volunteer opportunities available.  Ask yourself, how you can contribute?




Darius G.

"I came to Ms. Latoya seeking assistance in helping my daughter settle her emotions. Ms. Latoya helped my daughter identify her emotions, accept responsibility for her actions, and have the courage to move forward. Kudos to Ms. Latoya!!"

Jill E.
Class Participant

"This is the best group that I have attended (and I I have tried many groups). I like that you share your life with us. You seem to always get conversations going so we can work on ourselves. You inspire me to do better. I am soon to be 18 and I am working on being more in control of my life and actions."

Lamara S.

"My son was about to be kicked out of school. He was given 1 last opportunity to get it together. He started working with Latoya and after 1 month I saw a huge improvement. He started earning awards like student of the month and most improved. Latoya made a huge difference in our life. She is truly talented in what she does."

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