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 Improvong families with Emotional Intelligence

Why is Emotional Intelligence so Important?

Emotional Intelligence improves communication and socialization in individuals.  Students are taught how to identify feelings and express emotions without anxiety, frustration, shyness, anger or fear.  


Research found that training individuals in Emotional Intelligence decreases the rate of stress, burnout & mental health while improving the occurrence of hostility, bullying and violence.


A person is never too young or old to improve levels of emotional intelligence & communicate powerfully.

Class Overview Emotional Intelligence?

Communicating with Emotional Intelligence is being self expressed with feelings and emotions. Emotional Intelligence teaches individuals to recognize the mood and emotions of others. By participating in an Emotional Intelligence class participants will:

  • Improve anger outburst, tantrums & socialization struggles

  • Communicate with power & freedom

  • Learn to express feelings without losing power; increase coping skills, self awareness, acceptance & self control

  • Improve social skills  & aggressive behaviors

  • Improve Self confidence, self awareness, empathy and assertiveness

  • Learn communication techniques that improves functioning at school, the community and home.

  • Improve decision making skills and the ability to maneuver difficult situations such as bullying, divorce and academic struggles

  • Helps participants to become more self expressed

  • Emotional Intelligence is the most accurate predictor when evaluating a person's rate of success. 

  • Some studies show that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important than any other factor when it comes to doing well in school or being successful professionally. 

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can always be improved with the correct assessment & coaching.


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