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My name is Latoya Boston. I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and founder of Real Moms Live.  I am passionate about helping families, children and teens become confident leaders and fully self expressive. I understand the challenges children and families face while navigating social media, ADHD, isolation, depression, anxiety, sexuality identity, COVID-19 and social concerns.

I am committed that families learn skills to express emotions with less anger, frustration and anxiety.   Over the last 20 years, I have helped families embrace peace and transform relationships and behaviors.  

If you are on this page, thank you for being courageous.  Motherhood is sometimes changing; having support is imperative when attempting to address challenging behaviors, identy resources, facilitate life adjustments and personal growth.  An array of services are available to meet your need.   Services include individual & family therapy, group counseling, anger management and the Empowerment Coaching Academy.

To mothers, Real Moms Live is here for you.  If you are in need of assistance to restructure circumstances, we are here to help. Embracing life is about sharing experiences, vulnerability, effective communication & acceptance. As a community, Real Moms Live provides support to entire family free of judgement.  I believe every MOM and every family should have a peace of mind and a community to call their own.

If you have concerns, contact us. No matter the circumstance, I will create a safe space to explore and identify strategies to reduce challenges.

© 2020 Real Moms Live: A Center for Behavioral Wellness / Created by Latoya Boston, LMFT  Inglewood, CA 90302 323-285-0882

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